Summer League On Now



League Details
Dates: Thursdays starting May 4rd until August 31st
Times: Games will start at 7:00pm
Location: Connor Park in Halfmoon Bay
Format: 5 on 5 Co-ed (male: female ratios of 3:2 or 2:3)
Registration Details
  • Players: Each player is required to complete this registration and pay in full prior to participating in their first league game of the season.
  • Cost: $50 for the season
  • Partner Request: The league teams will be coordinated through a “hat” format. Based off your self evaluation the league coordinator will attempt to create team equity.  The league coordinator will strive to satisfy all requests however they do have the discretion to not honour the request in the sake of team balance
SPECIAL DEAL: For those who sign up for league you will receive a discount on our 2nd Annual Hat Tournament on May 13th 2023! Instead of $20/ $15 ($20 for 18+, $15 for 17 & under aged players)  it will be $15/ $10 respectively if you sign up for summer league as a full time player!!

Not sure if you can commit to a whole season, are you looking to sub?

  • Players: Each substitute player is required to complete registration prior to participating in their first league game of the season.
  • Cost: $7 per game when signing up as a substitute. This must be paid prior to the beginning of your game via e-transfer to
  • How it works: Once you register you will be part of a free agency pool, whichever team contacts you to plays for them first is the team you will play with for that week.
Please note: As a sub, to be eligible to play in a playoff game you must have played at least 3 games for a specific team to be able to play on said team.
Rules & Regulations: The league will follow 11th Edition Ultimate rules, with a few modifications that will be communicated to all participants prior to the start of league play.